All in one - Unicast Lite Retail Pack

All in one -Unicast Lite Retail Pack 699,-€

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CheckCom Mobile Marketing Bluetooth RFID NFC WLAN Mobile App

WiFi & Bluetooth Marketing COMBI device COMBI PROE 926

Package List:
1x BT-Pusher COMBI PROE device
1 x Power Adapter
1 x CD Free Management Software
4 x Antenna
1 x 3G/GPRS modem
1 x Car charger

Broadcast adverts, promotions, appointments and animated images to Bluetooth + WiFi enabled mobile phones.
Standalone Bluetooth + Wifi marketing software - hardvare and dongle package. You can use Unicast Lite to transform your PC, Laptop or Netbook into a Bluetooth broadcasting system.
Advanced control over campaign metrics.
On-line FAQ for all setup queries and common setup scenarios.
Compatible with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 32bit only
Join the revolution with Unicast, our product is 100% reliable and backed by years of experience in Bluetooth and Proximity marketing.

What is proximity Marketing?
Marketing offers an effective and affordable solution for communicating with a large audience within the proximity of your advertised product or service. This is achieved by sending multimedia content to the potential customer's mobile phone using a Bluetooth or Wireless device.
The most effective content offers the recipient something special like a discount on a product or service, a free ringtone, video, mobile wallpaper, screensaver or something else that the audience will find of value.

What is WiFi Marketing?
Some smartphones can not receive Bluetooth message – most notably iPhones,iPad. That's why Devicegate(BT-Pusher) offers a wireless marketing solution that resolves this issue. By offering Wi-Fi marketing, we ensure that 100% of the mobile marketing market is eligible to receive your marketing messages because they're hosted on a mobile website.
Wi-Fi marketing interacts with iPhone,iPad, Blackberry and any other WiFi enabled Smart Phones.
What is Bluetooth Marketing and Advertising?
Currently Bluetooth technology is the latest advertising and marketing media. Bluetooth Marketing and Bluetooth Advertising is the latest way to contact with the potential or existing customers.
Bluetooth Marketing and Bluetooth Advertising device is the operation of pushing contents via Bluetooth radios to surrounding devices, the Bluetooth Advertising device specializes in providing information, entertainment, discounts, coupons, and other promotional material to users of mobile phones and other portable Bluetooth-enabled devices.
What are the benefits of Bluetooth marketing?
Compared with traditional advertising media, Bluetooth advertising has the following advantages:
Unlimited Free Advertising
24x7x365 information delivery with very little operator intervention required.
Information transfer will not be any interference with telecom operators
Information directly to the customer's personal mobile device
Users have the right to decide whether to accept the information
Sent a variety of file formats (animated gif, mp3, games, Java applications, ring tones, business cards)
Advertising content easily understood by customers
Can be installed in any place you want to display information
Information can be saved for future to see when needed
You can fully control the entire marketing process, and can easily make changes to your ad content and plans.