Bluetooth Marketing

Shops and In-store Promotions

You can use a billboard to inform people:"Please switch your bluetooth on for free stuff here." You can send to customers:
Special Discount Information
Free Gift Information
Brand advertising (text, still images, animated GIF, etc.)
Java-based product brochures, etc.


Commercials and other promotional materials
The exhibition hall floor plan and exhibitors
Product or service catalog
the company's booth location
The nearby Cafeterias and restaurants menu
The nearby mall discount coupons

Restaurants and coffee shops

Food and drinks menus
Discount vouchers and coupons for your customers and for the people passing by your place
Promotion for special dish or drink
Entertainment content such as music, videos, and games
Contact numbers and addresses of different branches of your shop
promote your trademark

Business center / shopping mall

provide electronic versions of the Buying Guide
send coupons, special offers to Customers
Dealer information provided
Large shopping malls used to send coupons, special information, prize information
send advertising and promotional materials to the customers inside your shop or the people passing outside.

Tourist areas

Town and city maps
Timings of tour guides
Events calendar and booking information
Images of museums, historic places and sights
Promotions from Hotels, restaurants, and other interested tourist places


Hotel map that explains all the available facilities
Restaurants menus
Recreational activities
Special events
Special room rates
Tourist guide and sight seeing tours


Flights' schedules
Duty free discount coupons
Promotional vouchers
Important announcements
Arrivals' tourist maps and important sight seeing
Currency exchange rates

Sport events

Games calendar
Information about their favorite teams
Players positions and game plan
Video clips of recent goals and exciting moments
Wallpapers and images of their favorite players or teams
Summary of the games players substitutions, off-sides, outsides, and goals
Game sponsors logos and advertising


Ticket price
Bus, train, and flights timetables
Maps of their destination cities and towns showing important sight seeing
Discount vouchers and coupons

Auto 4S shops, repair stations,Motor City, auto parts sales shop

New car shape with the detailed configuration
Auto Parts Information

Housing Sales Center

Developers of real estate information, promotional information, the Housing Unit Plan and so on


Bluetooth Advertising to Mobile devices using our Bluetooth Marketing software is one of the new ways to get ahead of your competitors, Bluetooth Marketing will reduce costs and increase the return on investment compared to your usual advertising techniques.
We are able to smooth out these issues with Bluetooth Marketing. When using Proximity Marketing via Bluetooth it is possible to target potential customers in a local area like a Club or Conference center and because nearly every person in the UK has a mobile phone and most of the mobiles are Bluetooth enabled you can send out Calendar events, Address information, Images, audio or event video.
With a range of 100m it is possible to scan for Bluetooth enabled mobile phones within proximity of our device then depending on what you are trying to achieve with your campaign and send a small text voucher to bring customers closer then supply then with images, audio or video to sell your product or service. The software we have available is free to download and use on any Windows XP pro sp3 or Vista platform with a Bluetooth device.
Bluetooth ads are made practical by the growing density of Bluetooth in Western countries. In all of Western Europe, 19 percent of cell phones will be Bluetooth-enabled by the end of this year, according to Strategy Analytics, nearly doubling to 64 million from 35 million last year.
Filter said it believes the density in the United Kingdom is higher, upward of 30 percent.
The billboards detected 87,000 unique discoverable handsets, of which 13,000 opted to receive the material, a response rate of about 15 percent very high by advertising industry standards.
These are some of the files types that can be sent to mobile phones.
Images as .gif , .jpg or .png files
Text as .txt files
Animated images as animated .gif files
Audio as mp3, mp4, wav and ring tones – Please note that these are very large files and will take time to send
Video as 3gp or mp4 files – Please note that these are very large files and will take time to send
Macromedia Lite as .wmv files
Flash lite files .swf
Java Applications as .jar files – These work very well on nokia phones
Business Card files and Calendar Event files (.vcf , vcard)
And any file supported by a mobile phone (even .xls, .doc, .pdf ,etc)
Applications (.sis)

Is a complete Bluetooth Marketing system that allows you to run your own Bluetooth marketing campaigns at an amazing price

  • Increase New Business Target consumers who pass by your premises by sending your special offers and introductory prices to their phone.
  • Increase Repeat Business By ensuring your latest offers are stored in your customers' phones.
  • No Ongoing Costs There are NO ongoing charges to use echoBlue - when you buy the system you own it (no license or per messages charges like most systems).
  • Flexible echoBlue allows you to broadcast a huge range of messages such as images, vouchers and videos.

    There are no per message charges and the system includes a state of the art 200-250m Bluetooth + WiFi version 2.0 (3x faster) transmitter.

    echoBlue, the Bluetooth + WiFi marketing system automatically sends your message to any customer’s mobile phone within range of the transmitter.

    CheckCom Mobile Marketing Bluetooth RFID NFC WLAN Mobile App

    Buy one of our Bluetooth advertising device, All can send the default file, So Please open your Mobile's Bluetooth function, and set a permanent visible mode. Make sure that our device is working properly!
    If you need to modify configuration information or file content, no matter what version you purchased , you can use software to configure!
    Software main window as shown below:

    CheckCom Mobile Marketing Bluetooth RFID NFC WLAN Mobile App

    (1) If you need to use network management software to remote management, first of all you need to use BtsConfig software to configure network parameters, as shown below:

    If you are using a GPRS or WIFI network, you also need to configure the network-related parameters.

    2)The BtsCongfig software-defined server IP and server port must keep same with Manager network management software used.
    The Manager software installation directory has a config.ini file which defined the Server network management software used PORT:
    Double-click to open config.ini file, confirm the local_port keep same and the PORT Using BtsConfig software configuration. as shown below:

    CheckCom Mobile Marketing Bluetooth RFID NFC WLAN Mobile App

    (3) After using the BtsConfig software to config and set up Bluetooth Marketing device , Please power your, run Server software, the following dialogue appears:
    Plese refer to : BTManagerServer-User Guide.pdf BTManagerServer software user guide!!


    We can provide a Advertising Performance Statistics Software LogView for you to Statistical Analysis your ADS.You can use BTManagerServer software to download all log files or use BTSPConfig software to copy all log files from BT-Pusher Device.You can download AD Performance Statistics Software LogView here FREE.
    Advertising Performance Statistics Software LogView (Click to Download)

    CheckCom Mobile Marketing Bluetooth RFID NFC WLAN Mobile AppCheckCom Mobile Marketing Bluetooth RFID NFC WLAN Mobile App